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RMail for Salesforce

Adding the RPost “Send: Track, Prove, Sign, Encrypt” button in your Salesforce account gives you the ability to send Registered Email messages with tracking, proof of delivery, end-to-end encryption, and, obtain recipient e-signatures on documents. The emails, with attached documents, are delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox – no log-ins or special software are required. Close deals faster and encrypt emails with proof of privacy and compliance.


Track & Prove: Sends a Registered Email message. A Registered Receipt email record is then returned to sender with court-admissible time-stamped proof of the content delivered and advanced open tracking.

Encrypt: Delivers files and email message body text, encrypted to the recipient’s inbox, with proof of compliance and privacy.

Sign: Attach a document and send by Registered Email message, formatted so the recipient can use their mouse to electronically draw their signature on the document, returning a legally signed contract to both sender and recipient.

All available from within ONE RPost App for Salesforce!

RMail for Salesforce requires a separate account that can be set up directly with RPost. Contact RPost. Not available for Ingram Micro partners.


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  1. Visit the official appexchange page for RMail for Salesforce.