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RMail for Xerox

RMail for Xerox is an MFP Connector providing seamless workflow for capturing paper documents as a scan or file and sending securely (encrypted) via RMail® email encryption service.

This lets users scan using the normal MFP functionality, and then automatically send the file, regardless of size, encrypted with a returned Registered Receipt that tracks and certifies encrypted delivery.

Installing the Xerox Connect RMail app requires:

  • Xerox Multifunction Printer (MFP) that can install Xerox Connect Apps
  • RMail user account (register free here)

From the Xerox MFP, RMail transmits scanned files as an encrypted email with options for:

  • Transmission or Message Level encryption
  • Automatic convert to large file send mode, up to 1GB per send
  • Automatic open tracking
  • Automatic Registered Receipt™ email e-delivery proof record
  • Receipt certificate of HIPAA and GDPR privacy compliance



Quickstart Guide

Product Overview

Read more in the RMail Support Center:

Users can use the same user account to also send RMail from Outlook, Gmail, and other RMail apps.


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Access the Xerox Connect RMail app here