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RMail for Outlook – Desktop

RMail for Outlook – Desktop

Installing the RMail for Outlook app adds a “Send Registered™” button to the mail compose window in Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016. This add-in also works with Office 365 (if you install Microsoft Outlook onto your computer). The button will appear above or next to the traditional “Send” button, and allows the user to send RMail messages. RMail for Outlook software includes the following sending options: email open tracking, proof of email delivery, encryption, electronic signature & contracting, large file transfer, PDF conversion, authentication, metadata cleaning, and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please select the bit version of your Microsoft Outlook (32-bit or 64-bit). The RMail App for Outlook works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows so Windows bit version is not relevant.

Please follow the steps below to determine the Outlook bit version:

  1. Outlook 2013/2016: File > Office Account > About Outlook (listed at the end of the first line on the pop-up)
  2. Outlook 2010: File > Help (listed on the first line below, “About Outlook”)

Download 32-bit Download 64-bit

RMail for Gmail (Chrome)

RMail for Gmail (Google Chrome)

Track email opens, prove email delivery, encrypt private email, and get documents signed electronically — all from within Gmail. RMail for Gmail provides seamless access to RMail services when using Gmail, allowing you to track email opens; get automatic proof of email delivery; encrypt private email; get documents signed electronically; and convert PDF files. RMail is powered by RPost’s Registered Email® technology, the global standard for email delivery proof.

Add to Chrome Note: You must be using Chrome browser (non-mobile version) to install and use RMail for Gmail.

Using Microsoft Outlook with your Gmail address? Check out the official RMail add-ins for Microsoft Outlook.

Release Notes

Version 1.05: May 21, 2019 – Gmail/GSuite Update

Overview: Improved user interface notifications and handling of Gmail processing of obscure message formats. Release auto-updates. Read more.

RMail Inbox

RMail Inbox

RMail Inbox is a full featured, private webmail alternative, offering users a unique email address to use within a secure, RMail-empowered webmail experience.

Send secure encrypted messages and attachments, track email opening, get documents signed electronically, send large files, and more — all from within a streamlined and easy-to-use webmail interface.


Already have an RMail Inbox account? Log in.

The following standard service offering is free.

1. RMail Inbox includes the standard functionality that Gmail offers, with free online document, file, and photo storage and sharing, office online (create documents and spreadsheets online), calendar, tasks, contacts, email, anti-virus, anti-spam, and more.

2. In the compose email view, you will notice a “Send Registered” button next to the normal “Send” button.

– You may send as many normal emails with the “Send” button as you would like for normal correspondence.

– For important messages, you can choose the “Send Registered” button for email open tracking, certified and legal proof of delivery, email encryption for message and attachment privacy, e-signatures, and large file transfers. You can use the “Send Registered” button for up to 100 messages per month for free during the initial period.

Free addresses must be between 5 and 30 characters. Your username is your RMail email address.

RMail Desktop for IBM Notes

RMail Desktop for IBM Notes


By downloading the RMail Desktop software you will add a “Send Registered™” button to the compose page of the mail client.

Available in both Government and Commercial versions 5.7 to 9.x and IBM Verse. Templates and Installation Instructions are available via the “Access Files Now” button.

NOTE: This setup requires prior authorization from RPost to send a Registered Email® message. Contact RPost Support for further details and guidance prior to downloading files:

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