Converting Legal & Contract Notices from Paper to Electronic Delivery: A Corporate Counsel Guide.

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JMBM/IACCM White Paper: This Guide written by Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP partner Stanley Gibson helps you safely move contract or legal notices from certified mail, traditional fax, and courier delivery. Readers will learn how to send notices by electronic means and receive irrefutable proof of compliance with notice requirements, essential to managing business risk. Readers will learn though example of common pitfalls and misconceptions with many electronic services, view a side-by-side comparison of technologies and service providers, and take away a scorecard that rates software, services, and methods across a list of best-practice requirements. This Guide provides all of the detail legal professionals, contract managers, and technologists would need to implement an electronic delivery service that provides for all of the considerations and legal requirements essential to give electronic notices the highest evidential weight. This Guide will give you the knowledge and methods you should know for obtaining legally valid proof of delivery, content, and time for critical email and notices. It will provide you with the upper hand in case of any dispute about who said what to whom and when.