Standard Email isn't Good Enough

for Important Messages

RMail's Registered Email   receipt vs. Outlook's read receipt


Encrypt email & file attachments for privacy

Receive certified proof of delivery, opening, time, and exact message content.

Get any document signed electronically

Send extra large file attachments

That's Why There's RMail.


Security. Compliance. Productivity.


Use your existing email address, and send with Outlook, Gmail, or any of our many supported platforms.

Hear from our customers

“I use RMail frequently to send protected health information via email. The encryption service is a great way to be compliant with HIPAA, and it is helpful for clients who do not have any type of encrypted email method to be able to send PHI to us as well when responding back.”

Lauren Sato, Benefits Analyst, MHBT

“I had a customer that needed to get service installation expedited and we needed to get an addendum back to correct a small item. He was on his way to the airport. Using RMail, he signed from his phone and we were able to keep the project on schedule.”

John Gardikis, Account Executive, Cox

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