For eSignature Service with Proof of Delivery, Insurance Agencies Choose RPost

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Top O’Michigan Insurance Agency Inc. became an RPost customer when their old workflow routine of “printing, signing, scanning and shredding” applications became too administratively burdensome and agency productivity suffered because of it. Agency President Brian Bartosh was looking to fill a need where Top O’Michigan could securely send applications and his clients could quickly sign with their electronic signature and email right back — regardless of client technical capabilities and sophistication. And, the entire process had to fit seamlessly into Top O’Michigan’s agency management system.

“RPost has a very convenient workflow for us,” states Top O’Michigan Insurance Agency president Brian Bartosh. “Not only can we speed up our process because of RPost electronic signature services, but with RPost’s Registered Email® service we now also receive a record of valid documentation upon the return that’s easily dragged and dropped into our management system. RPost is a great value and the time savings and convenience to our clients is a big plus. It’s a great product and great time saver.”

Customer Testimonial: Brian Bartosh from RMail on Vimeo.