As easy as reaching out
for a handshake.

RMail’s electronic signature feature allows you to get legally-binding electronic signoff on documents and agreements. Whether for e-contracting or simply to get electronic signatures on documents, RMail makes it easy for all parties to e-sign and complete a transaction.

Easy to Send Agreements

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With RMail, getting an agreement signed is as easy as attaching your document to an email and checking the “E-Sign” option before sending it out. No other e-signature service is this easy to use.

Get Business Done Faster

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The faster your agreements are signed and returned, the sooner money starts rolling in. With RMail, you can complete contracts by email in less time than it takes to walk over to the fax machine.

Proof of

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With RMail’s Registered Email technology, you get a Registered Receipt email record with every email sent. This record serves as court-admissible proof of email delivery, delivery time, and exact message content.


  • Automatic PDF Conversion

    Your e-signed documents are automatically finalized into a print-ready PDF format.

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  • Multi-Party Signatures

    Sender and recipient can simultaneously sign the same document, creating a bilateral, legally binding agreement. The document can then be forwarded to additional parties for countersignature.

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  • Multiple Signature Options

    Support for hand-drawn signatures, typed signatures or email signatures.

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  • Registered Receipt Record

    You’ll get a Registered Receipt record with every email sent, telling you the delivery status, time of delivery, and exact message content. This serves as court-admissible certified proof of delivery.

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  • Digital Seal – Allows the sender to electronically sign and timestamp an email and each page of attachment(s) with a single click.
  • Message Authentication – You can forward any Registered Receipt record to verify@rpost.net to receive an authenticated and court-admissible copy of the original message.
  • LargeMail® – Attach files up to 200MB to your emails.
  • SideNote® – Attach a virtual sticky note to your email that is only visible to people you’ve CC’d or BCC’d.

Hear From Our Customers:

  • Kasey McCarthy Manager Andrew G. Gordon

    “A high profile client forgot to mention he was closing on a new vacation home until the morning of the closing. He was out of the state that day so I was able to email his home insurance application via RPost for his e-signature. This enabled me to secure coverage for the client within an hour of his panicked phone call. RPost to the rescue!”

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