Email Encryption

Secure Emails &
Documents for Privacy
and Legal Compliance

Encryption is a proven way to keep email private. Yet, how valuable is an email encryption service that makes it cumbersome for you to send a private or confidential email encrypted — or, if your recipients constantly need help opening your emails? RMail makes secure email simple and accessible for both you and your recipients. Winner of the World Mail Award for “Best in Security,” RMail is the only HIPAA-compliant secure email provider that addresses privacy and compliance requirements while offering a radically simple user experience.

Ironclad Protection

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RMail uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect your sensitive emails and attachments. With options for secure end-to-end delivery, RMail lets you rest assured that your secure email message will only be read by its intended recipients.

Easy to Use

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Only RMail provides true direct delivery of your encrypted message and attachments into your recipient’s inbox. Your recipients won’t need to register for an account, open a web browser, or otherwise leave their inbox to access your secure message.

Proof of

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If you are required to encrypt personally identifiable information by laws such as HIPAA, HITECH, or FSA , sending compliant encrypted email is only half of the equation. The other half is legal proof. Your Registered Receipt record serves as legal proof of compliance and can prove you met your obligations should a dispute arise.


  • Message Level Encryption

    Your message and any attachments are encrypted in a 256-bit AES-encrypted PDF wrapper and delivered directly into the recipient’s inbox. There is no need to retrieve it from an outside server or website.

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  • Multiple Password Options

    Allow RMail to send a system-generated password to your recipient, or create a password of your own.

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  • Auto TLS

    RMail can be configured to send by transport layer security (TLS) automatically when TLS is detected and supported by both sender and recipient mail servers.

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  • Registered Receipt Record

    You’ll get a Registered Receipt record with every email sent, telling you the delivery status, time of delivery, and exact message content. This serves as court-admissible certified proof of delivery and can prove your compliance with privacy laws such as HIPAA.

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Hear From Our Customers:

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    Laura Sato Benefits Analyst MHBT, Inc.

    “I use RMail frequently to send protected health information via email. The encryption service is a great way to be compliant with HIPAA, and it is helpful for clients who do not have any type of encrypted email method to be able to send PHI to us as well when responding back.”

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    George Claassen Agent Insphere Insurance Solutions

    “Covers my legal accountability by showing me and my clients proof that I take their privacy seriously and that I am in compliance.”

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