Send large files as
easily as you send
any file attachment

With RMail, there’s no need for a separate large file transfer service. RMail lets you send large files as easily as you send any file attachment, providing your recipient with a direct download link via email. LargeMail™ can be used with RMail’s encryption feature for privacy.

Proof of

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With RMail’s Registered Email® technology, you get a Registered Receipt® email record after sending your message and files. This proves successful delivery, time of delivery, and exact message and file content.

Ease of Use

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Attach your large file(s), select the LargeMail option, and click “Send Registered.” Sending large files has never been this easy.

Secure File Transfers

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Use LargeMail with RMail’s encryption feature for private and secure large file transfers.


  • Auto Activation Setting

    Configure RMail to automatically send files via LargeMailTM when file attachments exceed a specified total file size.

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  • Simple to Activate Manually

    Or, decide when to use LargeMail yourself. Simply toggle the LargeMail checkbox and add your files, then click “Send Registered.” However you decide to configure LargeMail, you’ll enjoy a streamlined process that is second to none.

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  • Registered Receipt® Record

    You’ll get a Registered Receipt® record with every email sent, telling you the delivery status, time of delivery, and exact message content. Your file transfers can be proved in court if necessary.

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Hear From Our Customers:

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    Kristin Nollett Client Advocate Silverstone Group

    “I am now able to send large files in a secure manner to my clients. In the past, we could not send files through our regular secure email that were larger than 5 MB. We would typically have to hand deliver the documents.”

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    Lorraine Tune Account Manager MHBT

    “We had a last minute RFP to send out to market (Request for Proposal) it was too large for it to go out through our normal RFP process, we were stressed and worried that the RFP would be delayed which could mean losing the business or hurting the client relationship. Then someone told us that RMail allowed us to send large files in a secure format. We were able to send the RFP out on time and in a secure manner.”

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