Features for convenience,
security, and privacy

We’ve gone the extra mile to provide additional sending features for convenience and security. Whether you are sending an important email to a client, partner, or colleague, these tools are at your disposal.


  • SideNote® Private Notes

    Append a yellow private note at the top of your email message that is only visible to CC’d or BCC’d recipients.

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  • PDF Conversion

    RMail gives you the option to convert any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file attachments to PDF format, giving your recipients easy access to document attachments whether they have Microsoft Office applications or not.

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  • Metadata Removal

    Document metadata can pose a serious privacy risk if not removed prior to sending documents via email. RMail allows you to remove or scrub metadata from any document attachments with just the click of a button.

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  • “Anti-Whaling” Imposter Protection

    A “whaling” or Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack involves the use of imposter emails to lure business recipients into wiring funds to bank accounts controlled by Internet criminals. RMail includes advanced algorithms to detect and alert you of this type of imposter email.

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  • Register Reply – Receive proof of content and time for any replies to your message
  • Client Code – Input a custom reference number
  • Message Authentication
  • Advanced Archiving Options

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