Legal Proof

Proof of delivery, delivery time,
exact content, and more.

Uncertain email delivery can cause disputes over “who said what when.” RMail messages are sent as Registered Email™ messages, enabling recorded delivery of your email. Registered Email technology and the Registered Receipt email record eliminate uncertainty around email delivery by providing proof of your correspondence. Stop relying on Outlook read receipts, sent archives, printed copies, or other false methods of “proving” delivery, as these simply cannot be relied upon in the event of a dispute.

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With RMail’s Registered Email technology, you get a Registered Receipt email record with every email sent. This record serves as court-admissible proof of email delivery, delivery time, and exact message content.

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If you are required by law to encrypt sensitive emails or have other compliance needs, doing the right thing is only half of the equation. The other half is legal proof. Your Registered Receipt record serves as legal proof of compliance and can prove you met your obligations should a dispute arise.


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Not only does the Registered Receipt record tell you important information about a message you’ve sent, it also allows 3rd party verification of that information. Our Registered Receipt record makes it easy to authenticate and reconstruct the original message.


  • Registered Receipt Record

    You’ll get a Registered Receipt record with every email sent, telling you the delivery status, time of delivery, and exact message content. This serves as court-admissible certified proof of delivery.

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  • Complete Delivery Audit Trail

    Every Registered Receipt record contains a complete SMTP delivery audit trail — forensic proof of message delivery, delivery time, and other delivery characteristics.

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  • Message Authentication

    You can forward any Registered Receipt record to to receive an authenticated and court-admissible copy of the original message.

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  • Advanced Archiving Options

    You’ll automatically receive a Registered Receipt record in your email inbox. If needed, you can configure other archiving options that involve corporate servers or email forwarding.

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Hear From Our Customers:

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    Peter Prinsen, VP & General Counsel, The Graham Company

    “A property and casualty claim was denied months after it was submitted because the insurance company claimed they didn’t receive “proper and timely notice. However, because we sent the claim via RPost, we easily tracked down the submission and proved the original time it was sent, received and opened. The insurance carrier was forced to reverse their previous position and cover the claim.”

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