Technology Guide to Meet GDPR COMPLIANCE

for Data Privacy for EMAIL

Technologists, Compliance Experts and Service Providers Contribute to the First Practical Guide to GDPR Email Privacy Compliance

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GDPR Compliance Technology Guide

The report states that GDPR defines what is to be achieved rather than how the requirements should be fulfilled. Consequently, it does not state a requirement to use a specific method of encrypting email, but it does require the handler of consumer non-public and personal information to maintain not only privacy of that information, but also the ability to demonstrate compliance with the privacy requirements. These requirements are discussed in detail in GDPR Article 5 Clause 1(f) and 2, and Article 32 Clause 1(a) and 1(d) which focus on the requirement to protect personal data during transmission with the ability to demonstrate fact of protection of personal data.

The Association of Professional Compliance Consultants (APCC) contributes to first technology guide identifying top criteria important for European GDPR email privacy compliance.

"This paper marks a significant contribution to the GDPR compliance debate, by providing a robust assessment of the concerns and a powerful methodology to guide practical compliance. It also offers useful parameters that an organization should consider in its selection of an appropriate solution and a perspective on several of the leading offerings,” remarks Nick Hawke, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Professional Compliance Consultants, in the Foreword of the report.


The report considers criteria most important to regulated businesses dealing with consumer information. Technologies considered include PKI, PGP, TLS, Link Retrieval, HTML Wrapper, File Sharing, and PDF systems, and providers and products using these technologies.

The GDPR guide provides practical guidance that can be implemented by the smallest to the largest financial services firms as part of their GDPR compliance efforts; and can be implemented in minutes at little cost.

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