Insurance Leader Uses RPost for Email Encryption and eSignature

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“As a Technology company trying to eliminate the use of paper, RPost is a great tool,” states Bob Schackner, Director of Competitive Edge Services at Renaissance Alliance Group. “Instead of having to print a document, hand sign it, scan it and email or fax it back, we can take care of all of that in one shot with RPost’s eSignature service.”

Renaissance Alliance Group is using RPost’s Registered Email, email encryption and electronic signature services for electronic contract execution, accessible within users’ Microsoft Outlook and iPad devices.

“With RPost, we will also be ahead of the curve when new Massachusetts and Connecticut data security and privacy laws go into effect at the end of the year,” adds Schackner. “Because of RPost’s built in encryption functionality, we’re already in full compliance.”

Travel demands are a part of Mr. Schackner’s role and he frequently finds himself reaching for his iPad with RPost’s Registered Email app downloaded onto it. He quickly and easily signs contracts remotely and electronically with the tip of his finger on the iPad screen and RPost’s Registered Receipt record turning the electronic signature into a signed contract with high evidential and legal weight. According to Mr. Schackner, “It just makes perfect sense. If your organization has to deal with secure email or contracts that require eSignatures, RPost is absolutely perfect. I think you would be very happy with it and it will be a good fit in your organization.”

Renaissance Alliance Group is an elite coalition of independent agencies, insurers, and service with over 80 member agencies. In his role as Director of Competitive Edge Services, Bob Schackner harnesses his nearly two decades of insurance industry expertise to further develop and deliver competitive edge exclusive benefits to Renaissance Alliance member agencies, staff, and partners. Mr. Schackner rolled out RPost to Renaissance Alliance Group’s members to reduce administrative burdens on members and provide them with a platform that let’s them perform their core function; to sell insurance.

Customer Testimonial: Bob Shackner from RMail on Vimeo.