Insurance Video Testimonial: Denied Claim Later Approved Due to RMail

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The Graham Company uses RPost’s Registered Email service and email encryption services for proof of legal delivery, HIPAA compliance and data privacy. “Ease of use was the main reason we went with RPost,” states Peter Prinsen, Vice President and General Counsel at the Philadelphia-based insurance broker.

While ease of use may have led to the initial purchase, RPost’s legally valid email evidence is the reason The Graham Company has continued using RPost services over the years. Mr. Prinsen recounts one specific incident when the value really paid off. A property and casualty claim placed with an insurance company was about to be denied months after the claim was submitted because of the accusation by the insurance carrier that they never received proper and timely notice. And because of this failure to “timely report,” a requirement of the policy, the claim would be denied.

However, due to The Graham Company sending the claim notice by use of RPost’s Registered Email service, they easily tracked down the submission and were able to irrefutably prove the original time the claim notice was sent, received and opened by the insurance carrier. This legal demonstration of proof was enough to force the insurance carrier to reverse their previous position and cover the claim. Had The Graham Company used standard email to submit their claim, they wouldn’t have been able to legally prove the delivery, content and opening of the claim to the insurance company.

Confronted with the RPost Registered Receipt email evidence, the insurance company had no choice but to approve the claim.

The Graham Company is an insurance and employee benefits broker that partners with business owners in high-risk industries. Joining The Graham Company in 1989, Mr. Prinsen works to maximize insurance coverage, aggressively handle claims, ensure accurate reserves and advise Graham Company insured parties on coverage and claims matters. Mr. Prinsen is a frequent speaker on insurance-related topics and is on the Board of Directors of the Insurance Society of Philadelphia.