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Technology Summary



The RPost® system operates at the underlying Internet protocol and server level, recording the transmission metadata and then analyzing and interpreting this data for the sender and placing the result in the receipt. While RPost offers Outlook, Lotus, Groupwise, Zimbra, and other plug-ins for the sender, the RPost service does not require any software or hardware for sender or receiver and does not store email – all service processing occurs on the Internet.


RPost has a scalable, redundant infrastructure that is Government accredited and approved for sensitive and critical Government applications. RPost has undergone extensive assessment and risk analyses by top tier audit firms.

RPost Encryption:

RPost uses the Microsoft CryptoAPI 2.0 NIST FIPS-140-2 validated instances of the SHA-1 and 3DES (triple DES) algorithms.  RPost uses public key cryptographic certificate standards.

Technology Infrastructure:

U.S. Government inspectors, TRW Information Systems Security Officers, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers have certified that the RPost® systems comply with industry best practices for network security, availability, and business procedures.

Assurance of Supply:

AT&T certifies availability of the Registered Email® service for its customers.

Suite of Services:

RPost has a suite of twenty email service offerings and records management functions.

Microsoft (Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013):

RPost provides a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.  This adds a “Send Registered” button to the message toolbar as well as Registered Email® service options to the Options panel.  The plug-in takes the form of a COM+ Add-In.

IBM Lotus Notes (Lotus Notes/Domino 5.x-8.x):

RPost provides a customized mail template for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino. The template adds Registered Email® functions to the user mail database in the Notes client.  This includes a “Send Registered” button and Registered Email® service options.

Novell GroupWise (GroupWise Client 6/6.5):

RPost provides a lightweight executable that adds a “Send Registered” button and Registered Email® options to the GroupWise Client.

VMware Zimbra:

RPost provides a lightweight “Zimlet” that adds a “Send Registered” button and Registered Email® options to the VMware Zimbra web-mail client.

Sendmail (sendmail 8.9.x+):

RPost provides a Registered Email® filter for Sendmail that utilizes the milter API.  This lightweight perl milter scans outbound message subject lines for a Registered Email® tag entered by the sender and redirects these messages to RPost® networks.

RPost provides a lightweight plug-in that adds a new send email template to the interface, with such template adding many of the RPost service features for users.


RPost provides a specification on how to format email messages such that SAP mailing engines can send RPost formatted email without any software adjustments to SAP systems.

GSA Schedule:

The United States General Services Administration (GSA) has approved the RPost Registered Email® product and pricing, and AT&T, Sprint, and Qwest’s government divisions offer Registered Email® for acquisition through the GSA Information Technology Federal Service Supply Schedule 70.


RPost has been granted 45 patents in countries around the world.