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The British Standards Institute (BSI) reviewed the RPost service. Alan Shipman, author of the BSI’s ‘Legal admissibility’ Code of Practice, opines that RPost’s services provide proof of email delivery, official time sent and received, and content/attachments, presentable in a manner that can be self-authenticated and admitted into court in the United Kingdom.

Highlights of his conclusions include:


RPost’s Registered Email® service provides a record of sending and receiving in accordance with the European Electronic Commerce Directive (2000/31/EC) by recording the recipient’s server’s receipt thereof;


The encryption and tamper-detectability of RPost’s Registered Email® service preserves the contents of emails and their attachments so as to satisfy process requirements designed under the European Electronic Commerce Directive (2000/31/EC) and evidence law and to establish evidence of content;


RPost’s link to a trusted and objective time source provides essential and credible evidence in disputes in which the time an email was sent or received is material to the case.


RPost’s Registered Email service receipts are admissible as to their fact of delivery, as to their trusted time of delivery and as to the authenticity of their content.


RPost’s Registered Email service, under European Electronic Commerce Directive (2000/31/EC), can serve as the functional equivalent of paper mail, to be used in lieu of certified mail, registered mail, return receipt mail, private express mail services, fax logs and similar types of paper mail services.

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