Self-Storage Operators

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Recent changes in state lien statutes are bringing lucrative opportunities for self-storage operators to cut costs and increase profits. More than 25 states across the U.S. have amended their lien statutes to allow for lien notices to be sent via email. This is nationwide legislative trend in the self-storage industry gives self-storage operators tremendous postal savings, the ability to speed up their lien notification and auction process, and move from a paper-based to paperless notification service.

There is an important caveat, though – operators that wish to send lien notices by email must retain certified proof of electronic delivery, content, and time of delivery. This is not something that standard email services provide, and where RPost comes in.

CASE STUDY: Burlington Self Storage

With 6 facilities covering 3 states, learn how Burlington Self Storage migrated from paper to electronic lien notices saving them more than 200 man hours per year while reducing postal expenses $4,000 per year. Read case study.


WHITEPAPER: RPost for Self Storage Operators

Read Whitepaper Icon - Self StorageLearn which states allow rental agreements, lien notices, rate increases, abandonment notices & more by email and why RPost is right for your self storage operation  Read whitepaper.