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Offered by The British Insurance Broker’s Association and The Broker Network, RMail transforms insurance business operations by delivering simple-to-use Registered Email™ delivery proof, email encryption, electronic signature capabilities and LargeMail, for sending emails securely up to 1Gb.

All-in-One Messaging Solution for Insurance Professionals

The Insurance Act 2015 imposes obligations upon brokers and their customers for both commercial and personal lines. Many of these changes are concerned with procedural and compliance-related issues, where brokers should consider recording evidence that they have followed legal requirements and best practices. These mandates may seem challenging, yet they are remarkably easy to achieve with RMail.


Every day, thousands of premier insurance agencies, brokers, and carriers around the world use RMail to:

  • Encrypt sensitive emails and documents to meet data security and privacy obligations.
  • Retain legal proof of delivery (including encrypted delivery), time of delivery, and exact content for client and carrier/broker communications, post placement administrative correspondence, binding coverage, verify strategic conversations, verify terms and conditions or changes in coverage, and more.
  • Get fast, legally-binding, electronic signatures on decisions, waivers, payments, and settlements.
  • Move client correspondence from paper-based to paperless delivery.

What Really Matters when Selecting an Encryption Provider?

Encryption’s usefulness to maintaining data privacy is widely understood, and the general public increasingly demands its use to protect personal privacy. With encryption technology reaching a point of parity between top providers as far as “security” is concerned, what are other important considerations for insurance professionals?


  • Ease of Use – If an encryption system is cumbersome to use, agents will circumvent it, leaving the business with the legal and financial consequences.
  • Proof of Compliance – When a complaint is filed against you because of a downstream data breach, how will you get off the hook? Do you have a way to prove your correspondence was sent encrypted?

Ease of Use

RMail is the only encryption provider that allows true direct delivery of encrypted content to the recipient’s inbox in an encrypted PDF wrapper, so recipients won’t need to register or log in to a separate website to access their secure messages. This means less time spent showing clients how to access their secure messages, eliminating a common source of frustration that leads agents to circumvent other encryption systems.


On top of that, multiple configurable password options and an auto TLS setting (transport layer security) make it easy for insurance professionals to ensure privacy compliance.

The Power of Proof

As important as the act of encrypting an email is, it’s only the first part of a successful compliance strategy. If a data breach occurs downstream of your involvement with the sensitive information, you could still find yourself under investigation and possibly made culpable for the breach if you don’t have reliable proof of compliance. With RMail’s Registered Receipt email record, you’ll get court-admissible evidence of compliance with every RMail message you send, proving encrypted delivery, time of delivery, and exact message content.

E-sign for Greater Efficiency

RMail’s electronic signature feature makes it easy to get fast, legally-binding signoff on applications, contracts and other documents, using any Internet-connected device. It’s easy to use — just attach your document, select the e-contracting option, and send. The recipient will receive an email with a link that initiates a guided signing process, and signed copies will be distributed to both parties.


With electronic signature capabilities built into RMail, there’s no need to pay for a separate service. RMail lets you do it all.

Highlights for
Insurance Agents & Brokers:

  • Encrypt sensitive emails and attachments to meet data security and privacy obligations.
  • Enjoy the speed and efficiency of email for coverage-related and claims-related correspondence… without the risks.
  • Retain court-admissible evidence of message delivery, encrypted delivery, time of delivery, and exact message content.
  • Protect against claims that insurer never received an endorsement or that an underwriter failed to bind the coverage that he or she received by email.
  • Get legally binding electronic signatures for coverage decisions, waivers, payouts and settlements, via email.

Hear From Our Customers:

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    Martin Bridges, FCII Chartered Insurance Practitioner, Technical Services Manager, British Insurance Brokers' Association

    “BIBA is committed to help its members comply with e-delivery requirements and data privacy rules- and importantly, retaining proof of compliance to mitigate their risk. Registered Email and email encryption technologies by RPost are essential tools that are available to our members, enabling them to send safe and secure electronic communications, and which help to reduce the risk of cyber-crime.”

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    Ken Crerar, President, the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers

    “For top brokers, Registered Email® messages gives iron-clad proof of performance – evidence that will hold up in court.”

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    Peter Prinsen, VP & General Counsel, The Graham Company

    “A property and casualty claim was denied months after it was submitted because the insurance company claimed they didn’t receive proper and timely notice. However, because we sent the claim via RPost, we easily tracked down the submission and proved the original time it was sent, received and opened. The insurance carrier was forced to reverse their previous position and cover the claim.”


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