Financial Services

Used daily to speed communications while complying with FINRA and other regulatory requirements, RMail delivers advanced email liability protection within the financial sector.

Improve Efficiency and Protection

Finance People Around LaptopFinance service professionals work in fast paced environments where attention to detail and risk awareness is absolutely critical.


RMail provides greater agility and efficiency in communication and correspondence at a lower cost while at the same time protecting the sender and the senders corporation by securing transmissions with proof of delivery to comply with federal regulations.

Financial Advisory/Private Client Services

  • Use eSignOff® service to confirm agreement on terms for new accounts.
  • Record correspondence with clients to prove compliance with FINRA regulations.
  • Send statements to accountants and lawyers on behalf of clients.

Investment Banking

  • Record communications surrounding the due diligence process.
  • Speed processing of client materials by moving from paper to electronic.
  • Prove notice delivery to comply with regulatory requirements.

Trading Operations

  • Send transaction confirmation and settlements to corporate clients by email rather than fax/mail.
  • Provide statement or information on the value of the financial asset.
  • Convert required notifications such as privacy notices, proxies, etc., from paper to email.

Commercial Banking

  • Speed transaction processing time by converting notices regarding approval & disbursement from paper to email.
  • Use eSigning features to sign-on new customer accounts faster.
  • Use Intake Service to manage member complaints, fraudulent activity reports, identity theft notices, credit card billing challenges, etc.
  • Send notices of overdue credit card, mortgage & loan payments.

Highlights for
Financial Services:

  • Includes email encryption service.
  • Acceptable form of notice as defined by regulators and can be used for transmission of confidential data to clients or providers
  • E-sign solution allows clients to “sign off” on contracts and agreements


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