Used by state and local government, RMail reduces courier & mail expense, expedites delivery, saves administrative time, and enhances productivity.

All-in-one Messaging Solution for Government Email Senders

RMail lets government offices boost paperless initiatives by using email in place of expensive overnight delivery services for even the most consequential, time-sensitive, or confidential documents. With one click of a button, RMail provides government senders with a legally verifiable record of precisely what email content and attachments were sent and received, by whom and when.

RMail is a trusted courier service for electronic communications which complies with the E-Sign and UETA statutes and has been accredited and used daily by agencies within the U.S. Federal Government since 2003. It offers the same level of assurance, security, tracking, and proof of delivery that are found with traditional physical vendors, but with several extra advantages that traditional vendors cannot compete with. Deliver document in minutes instead of days with RMail, and cut courier and certified mail costs by 60% or more.

The Power of Proof

When dealing with customers, suppliers, or other parties on potentially contentious issues, there is often a risk of a dispute about who said what when. RMail eliminates that risk for email correspondence by giving you a Registered Receipt record with every send, providing certified proof of delivery, content, and time.


Each Registered Receipt record also provides a simple method of authenticating the receipt and the original message, as well as a complete SMTP audit trail, as forensic evidence of your transaction.


The Registered Receipt record has been successfully used in state, federal, and overseas courts to certify electronic delivery of important documents.

E-sign for Greater Efficiency

RMail’s electronic signature feature makes it easy to get fast, legally-binding signoff on applications, contracts and other documents, using any Internet-connected device. It’s easy to use — just attach your document, select the e-contracting option, and send. The recipient will receive an email with a link that initiates a guided signing process, and signed copies will be distributed to both parties.


With electronic signature capabilities built into RMail, there’s no need to pay for a separate service. RMail lets you do it all.

Highlights for

  • Used daily by U.S. Federal Governmental entities such as the GAO (Government Accountability Office, an arm of Congress) and the U.S. Department of Commerce Census Bureau.
  • Accredited by the United States Postal Service.
  • Available from AT&T on their GSA IT Schedule.
  • Elevates rating on the Scorecard for Expanded Electronic Government. (Fits many e-Gov requirements for direct delivery of services, efficiency, and authentication.)
  • Custom Registered Email banners available for government agencies.

Hear From Our Customers:

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    Betsy Rakola Policy Advisor USDA

    “Before RMail, I had to send a duplicate hard copy of everything that was emailed in order to get a legally valid receipt. Often, this meant sending certified mail, which requires hand-labeling each letter in at least 4 different places. Now, all I have to do is click “send registered.” I save a lot of time, and I kill a lot less trees.”

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    Terry Hail Administrative Specialist Kentucky State Government

    “Using RMail greatly reduced the time we spend having to handle certified mail, not to mention the cost of using it.”


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