Used by healthcare providers of all sizes, RMail is more than just a HIPAA-compliant email encryption solution.

All-in-one Solution for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers are focused on providing high quality care to their patients. Yet, they are also required to protect their patient’s protected health information (PHI) by laws such as HIPAA.


RMail gives healthcare providers a simple way to extend their existing email systems, enabling privacy compliance and adding time and cost-saving services such as electronic signatures, legal proof of delivery, large file transfer, and more.


RMail is used by healthcare providers of all sizes for:

  • HIPAA compliant e-delivery
  • Invoicing
  • Back and forth correspondence with primary care physician
  • Surgery schedules
  • Patient test results
  • Primary care to surgeon correspondence
  • Patient referrals
  • Off-network communication with physicians
  • Financial statements
  • Quarterly investment statements


What Really Matters when Selecting an Encryption Provider?

As with any maturing technology, the novelty and mystery of email encryption has basically worn off. Encryption’s usefulness to maintaining data privacy is widely understood, and the general public increasingly demands its use to protect personal privacy. With encryption technology reaching a point of parity between top providers as far as “security” is concerned, what are other important considerations for healthcare professionals?


  • Ease of Use – If an encryption system is cumbersome to use, agents will circumvent it, leaving the business with the legal and financial consequences.
  • Proof of Compliance – When a complaint is filed against you because of a downstream data breach, how will you get off the hook? Do you have a way to prove your correspondence was sent encrypted?

Ease of Use

RMail is the only encryption provider that allows true direct delivery of encrypted content to the recipient’s inbox in an encrypted PDF wrapper, so recipients won’t need to register or log in to a separate website to access their secure messages. This means less time spent showing patients how to access their secure messages, eliminating a common source of frustration that leads employ to circumvent other encryption systems.


On top of that, multiple configurable password options and an auto TLS setting (transport layer security) make it easy for healthcare professionals to ensure privacy compliance.


E-Sign for Greater Efficiency

RMail’s electronic signature feature makes it easy to get fast, legally-binding signoff on applications, contracts and other documents, using any Internet-connected device. It’s easy to use — just attach your document, select the e-contracting option, and send. The recipient will receive an email with a link that initiates a guided signing process, and signed copies will be distributed to both parties.


With electronic signature capabilities built into RMail, there’s no need to pay for a separate service. RMail lets you do it all.

Highlights for
Healthcare Professionals:

  • HIPAA-compliant encrypted email service allows fast and secure sending of emails and document attachments
  • Affords the convenience of using email for confidential correspondence with patients, insurance companies, or other healthcare providers — while mitigating the risks.
  • The Registered Receipt email record provides certified proof of delivery, encrypted delivery (if applicable,) time of delivery, and exact message content.
  • Simple-to-use encryption service provides true direct delivery of encrypted messages, so your recipients won’t need to log in to a website to retrieve their secure messages.
  • LargeMail allows sending of files up to 1GB using your email compose window.
  • Electronic signature option allows you to get legally binding signatures quickly on agreements, applications, and other documents.

Hear From Our Customers:

  • image description
    Denise Hill Research Assistant Scripps

    “We have a patient that is in another state. RMail has allowed us to keep this patient in our study. We are able to send files and emails back and forth from one clinic to another and therefore this patient continues to be monitored as if they were still in our clinic. The RMail also sends back a receipt which I am able to retrieve, and keep track that the correspondence/ files that were sent. ”

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    Kathryn Severson HIM Director Fairchild Medical Center

    “We had a large amount of records to scan in and send with confidential information that was very time sensitive and we needed a way to be able to do so with peace of mind that patient information was not easily accessible. We were given the option and  had great success with RMail in sending large amounts of data (where other services are limited to certain amounts of data) in getting the records where they needed to be and felt secure with the encryption process and the Registered Receipts we received.”


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