Endorsed by 20 bar associations across the U.S. and used daily by U.S. federal government agencies, RMail gives attorneys and other legal professionals advanced email liability protection and convenience benefits.

All-in-one Messaging Solution for Legal Professionals

Legal professionals know the importance of evidence, confidentiality, and timeliness, as these are mandatory for success in their field. RMail empowers attorneys and other legal professionals with messaging tools that help in this regard, providing legal evidence of delivery, the ability to send encrypted email privately, and the convenience of shifting important correspondence to email.


RMail even includes electronic signature capabilities, so legal professionals can get legally binding signatures on agreements, contracts and other documents, electronically.


RMail helps legal professionals do the following:


  • Send E-Certified Legal Notices, Demand Letters, IP Infringement Notices, and more
  • Prove E-Delivery under UCC Article 9, FPB Notice Rules, and Other Rules and Regulations
  • Encrypt Email and Documents Containing Sensitive or Private Information
  • Enable Clients to Reply Encrypted
  • E-Sign Client Declarations, Engagement Letters, Settlements, Board Resolutions, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and more
  • Serve by Email
  • Modernize Contract Notice Provisions
  • Send Large Files by Email
  • Send Private Note to CC or BCC Recipients


The Power of Proof

When filing deadlines need to be met, proof matters. Firms and corporate counsel teams of all sizes use RMail for business critical communication with clients, opposing counsel, judges, internal administrative correspondence and more.


With RMail’s Registered Receipt email record, you’ll get certified evidence of compliance with every RMail message you send, proving delivery, time of delivery, and exact message content.


RMail complies with privacy rules governing transport of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), while cutting costs and improving client satisfaction. The Registered Receipt record provides court-admissible evidence of delivery and is considered an acceptable form of notice as defined by regulators.

Highlights for
Legal Professionals:

  • Encryption for privileged attorney/client communication and other confidential documents
  • One-click PDF conversion and metadata scrubbing options.
  • Electronic contracting for quick and easy document signoff.
  • Certified proof of delivery, time of delivery, and exact content
  • Protects sender and firm from Errors & Omissions liability claims.
  • Reduces cost and increases efficiency as compared to mail, fax, courier.
  • One FedEx delivery can cost more than 50 RMail deliveries of the same document, with the same level of tracking and certified delivery proof.
  • Minimizes electronic discovery costs while retaining email records providing “upper-hand” in email related disputes.
  • Ends wasted IT time working to “track” server logs.
  • Reduces IT budget by eliminating monthly/annual seat licenses for digital signature, metadata scrubbing, PDF conversion, encryption tools.

Hear From Our Customers:

  • Stan Gibson Trial attorney and partner Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP

    “Across the board – particularly in the legal sector and in litigation correspondence — we are seeing a dramatic increase in the use of email to send PDF letters — with no way to prove receipt by the opposing party. This is like faxing letters and not keeping a log that the fax was received by the other side — unacceptable for most. With this common practice, we are exposed. We will be using RPost’s Registered Email service to send out all PDF letters by email for this reason. Now that RPost has included a one-click convert-to-PDF option within its Registered Email service, our lawyers can ‘Send Registered’, convert to PDF, and receive proof of delivery with as little as two extra clicks.”

  • Judge Dana Senit Henry (retired) Los Angeles Superior Court

    “Registered Email messages hold far greater evidential weight than traditional mail, courier, fax, or email, and therefore, should provide the sender with protection that will stand up to scrutiny in a dispute resolution situation. Registered Email services would provide the sender the upper hand in any legal discovery disputes.”

  • Virginia K. Sourlis, Esq., Securities and Corporate Attorney, The Sourlis Law Firm

    “We regularly send emails on behalf of our clients to NASDAQ, FINRA (CobraDesk) and SEC EDGAR filing agents and it’s critical for us to know whether or not our emails were successfully received. Before RMail, we were sending follow-up emails and making phone calls asking recipients if they received our emails. We wasted a lot of time on follow-up and could never prove our emails were received. With RMail, we don’t have to wonder whether our emails were delivered or whether they were someplace in cyberspace. More importantly, we receive confirmation of the email delivery that we then keep in our files to prove delivery, when it was received and when it was opened. RMail is priceless. We can’t say enough about it.”


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