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RMail is setting the standard for real estate email transactions worldwide. Agents & Brokers love the protection they receive as RMail provides accountability and verifiable proof of the entire transmission (content, time, delivery & receipt).

The Power of Proof

Real estate professionals send important transaction-related information electronically with RMail – reducing their costs, streamlining processes to enhance client satisfaction, and adding a thicker layer of liability protection for the agent and agency. With a click of the “Send Registered” button, RMail users know they will receive a legal proof record certifying delivery, time of delivery, and exact message contents.


RMail provides accountability and verifiable proof of the entire transmission (content, time, delivery & receipt), protecting agents and brokers. It also ensures that each party knows the terms and conditions of a sale and has legally valid evidence of the transaction or agreement critical for insurers, attorneys, inspectors, and lending institutions.



Less Wasted Time Means Less Backing Out

real estate - midIn most real estate transactions there’s an offer, counter-offer, and acceptance process. The longer it takes to close on an offer, the greater the risk of changing market conditions or the buyer or seller backing out. With RMail, these risks are avoided because all correspondence is facilitated with speed, confidentiality and accountability.


RMail sets agents apart in the marketplace and brings extra value to clients through speed, cost-savings, protection, and accountability in the transaction process.

Real Estate

  • Eliminates need for paper transactions, faxes or expensive couriers.
  • Legally binds agreements between buyer & seller.
  • Simple, cost-effective way to take advantage of electronic signature laws.
  • Acceptable form of notice as defined by regulators. Useful for sending, title and tax information, loan and credit documents, lead paint disclosures, etc.
  • Includes option to encrypt messages in order to protect clients’ sensitive personal and financial information.
  • Speeds the closing.
  • Maintains a verifiable trail of agent to agent communications.
  • Minimizes disputes and resolves them more efficiently.
  • Produces legally verifiable evidence in Alternative Dispute Resolution situations (ADR).
  • Significant cost savings including printing costs (paper/ink/toner), envelopes, postage and labor.

Hear From Our Customers:

  • Gary Clayton, Chief Executive Officer, Illinois Association of REALTORS®

    “RMail is the email communications breakthrough that REALTORS® have been waiting for – a tool that provides REALTORS® with proof of all critical communications. RMail eliminates the 8-page faxes that we are sending back-and-forth.”

  • Jonathan Cutler, President, SettlementRoom

    “Thousands of our clients are trying to move toward paperless offices, and surely the first step is to reduce use of the fax machine. With the RMail service, many of the faxes we normally send become unnecessary, saving time spent standing at the fax machine, and reducing the need for filing, storage, toner, and so many other associated costs.”

  • Rick O’Connor, Broker/Owner, The Rick O’Connor Group

    “RMail® is an invaluable tool in my real estate business because it enables my company to expedite business information in an efficient, cost effective manner while maintaining professional standards and legal verifiable proof of transactions.”

  • John Tuccillo, former Chief Economist, National Association of REALTORS®

    “IAR’s sponsorship of the RMail® service demonstrates the Association’s commitment to remain on the forefront of innovation for its members. Technology will not replace REALTORS®, but REALTORS® with technology will replace REALTORS® without technology.”


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