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RMail is setting the standard for real estate email transactions worldwide. Title and settlement agents use RMail to certify e-delivery of notices, encrypt private information when emailing, and more.

All-in-one Messaging Solution for Settlement Professionals

Real estate settlement and title professionals are responsible for exchanging information and notifications with multiple parties in every real estate transaction.


Because of the sensitive and/or critical nature of much of this correspondence, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) enforces strict regulations to ensure that the notifications are sent securely and delivered successfully.


Many of the top settlement and title professionals are now using RMail to support their electronic notification work flows.

"Know Before You Owe" Compliance

Real estate professionals are using RMail to speed the closing process with certified electronic notices that comply with the CFPB’s “Know Before You Owe” guidelines.


In the past, notices such as Truth in Lending, Good Faith Estimates, and HUD-1 Settlement Statements, had to be sent by certified postal mail, requiring a significant waiting period to receive back a physical delivery receipt.


Now, RMail users can get near instantaneous proof of e-delivery in the form of RMail’s Registered Receipt record. Within two hours of sending an electronic notice, a Registered Receipt record is returned automatically to the sender, providing certified proof of delivery, exact content, and time of delivery. The Registered Receipt record also contains a means to authenticate the message and a complete SMTP delivery trail for auditing purposes.


Retaining this form of electronic delivery proof is not only faster than relying on postal mail, it can also be much easier. Because the Registered Receipt emails are stored in a dedicated inbox folder, users can easily reference them in the event of a dispute or investigation.

Maintain CFPB data privacy compliance

When sending Non-Public Information (NPI) by email, the CFPB requires senders to encrypt the email contents to maintain data privacy.


RMail provides an email encryption option that makes secure notifications incredibly simple for both senders and recipients.


RMail is the only encryption provider that allows true direct delivery of encrypted content to the recipient’s inbox in an encrypted PDF wrapper, so recipients won’t need to register or log in to a separate website to access their secure messages. This means less time spent showing clients how to access their secure messages, eliminating a common source of frustration that leads agents to circumvent other encryption systems.


Going a step further, RMail also makes it easy to prove the sender sent an email and any attachments encrypted, maintaining compliance with CFPB regulations. Simply reference the Registered Receipt record to prove an email message was sent encrypted — the record contains auditable forensic evidence of encrypted delivery.

Faster Closing Makes a Difference

real estate - midIn most real estate transactions there’s an offer, counter-offer, and acceptance process. The longer it takes to close on an offer, the greater the risk of changing market conditions or the buyer or seller backing out. With RMail, these risks are avoided because all correspondence is facilitated with speed, confidentiality and accountability.


RMail sets title and settlement agents apart in the marketplace and brings extra value to clients through speed, cost-savings, protection, and accountability in the transaction process.

Real Estate

  • Enables compliance with CFPB e-notification and privacy regulations
  • Speeds the closing.
  • Eliminates need for paper transactions, faxes or expensive couriers.
  • Simple, cost-effective way to take advantage of electronic signature laws.
  • Acceptable form of notice as defined by regulators. Useful for sending, title and tax information, loan and credit documents, lead paint disclosures, etc.
  • Includes option to encrypt messages in order to protect clients’ sensitive personal and financial information.
  • Maintains a verifiable trail of interparty communications.
  • Minimizes disputes and resolves them more efficiently.
  • Produces legally verifiable evidence in Alternative Dispute Resolution situations (ADR).
  • Significant cost savings including printing costs (paper/ink/toner), envelopes, postage and labor.

Hear From Our Customers:

  • Jonathan Cutler, President, SettlementRoom

    “Thousands of our clients are trying to move toward paperless offices, and surely the first step is to reduce use of the fax machine. With the RMail service, many of the faxes we normally send become unnecessary, saving time spent standing at the fax machine, and reducing the need for filing, storage, toner, and so many other associated costs.”

  • Rick O’Connor, Broker/Owner, The Rick O’Connor Group

    “RMail® is an invaluable tool in my real estate business because it enables my company to expedite business information in an efficient, cost effective manner while maintaining professional standards and legal verifiable proof of transactions.”


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