Sales professionals use RMail to enable effective follow up on their email correspondence, as well as to speed contract execution with RMail’s electronic signature option.

All-in-one Messaging Solution for Sales Professionals

Sales professionals recognize the importance of timely follow up, as good timing can often be the difference between a lost opportunity and a closed deal. That’s why top sales professionals in organizations of all sizes use RMail to track their email and provide detailed information on delivery and opens.


Yet, that’s not all RMail offers. For sensitive customer information or credit card information, RMail makes it easy to encrypt and send secure messages and attachments. RMail even allows sales professionals to close deals faster, with a built in electronic signature feature that eliminates the turnaround time needed for a contract to be executed.

E-sign for Greater Efficiency

The faster sales professionals can turn around customer applications, contracts, and other documents requiring signatures, the faster revenue is realized and commission is paid. RMail’s electronic signature feature makes it easy to get fast, legally-binding signoff on applications, contracts and other documents, using any Internet-connected device. It’s easy to use — just attach your document, select the e-contracting option, and send. The recipient will receive an email with a link that initiates a guided signing process, and signed copies will be distributed to both parties.


With electronic signature capabilities built into RMail, there’s no need to pay for a separate service. RMail lets you do it all.

Highlights for
Sales Professionals:

  • Track email opening and delivery status, enabling precise and timely follow up calls
  • Follow up with prospects that are engaging with your emails
  • Receive certified proof of delivery, time of delivery, and exact message content
  • Encrypt sensitive emails and attachments for privacy
  • E-sign solution reduces turnaround time on applications, contracts, and other documents
  • Easy installation into Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and other popular messaging applications
  • Works with your existing email address
  • Send to anyone without the need for your recipient to install any special software or register for any accounts

Hear From Our Customers:

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    Danny Weryzynski Account Executive Cox

    “Working in outside sales there are times where driving across town to have something resigned, can destroy productivity. When I send with RMail, it comes back right away and I can have orders processed.”

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    Stephanie Bankemper Sales Executive Cox

    “It helped in getting an agreement back before the end of the month sales deadline. And I didn’t even have to leave the office. So I was able to get the rest of my work done and focus on bringing in other sales.”


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