Telecom Carriers

Telecom Carriers love the protection they receive as RMail provides accountability and verifiable proof of the entire transmission (content, time, delivery & receipt).

Improve Efficiency and Protection

Telecommunications carriers frequently rely on email as a means of instant communication to deliver legally binding notices, such as rate changes, contracts, amendments, etc. When communications are impaired due to uncertainty of delivery and receipt, disputes are a frequent and expensive result.

Many Possible Uses

When a carrier sends new pricing to a customer or receives new pricing from a vendor, it is essential that all parties are synchronized with respect to the new pricing and effective dates, otherwise costly disputes may quickly ensue. Avoidance of disputes requires a court-admissible and litigation-ready email tracking and delivery proof mechanism.

RMail resolves these issues specific to the telecommunications industry with its Registered Email® technology. Telecommunications carrier pricing and wholesale groups are using the RMail solution to create automated, Legal Proof® records of customer pricing and vendor cost notifications to safeguard against disputes associated with rate notifications, including:

  • Pricing at a point in time
  • Invoice time and content delivered
  • Date / time pricing was effective
  • Agreed-to go-live dates / changes

Highlights for
Telecom Carriers:

  • Ends price disputes attributed to missing, misplaced or denied receipt of rate notification emails.
  • Speed invoice collections with proof of invoice delivery irrefutably starting the A/R aging clock.
  • Sign-off bilateral contracts simplifying the administrative burden and reducing time.


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