Digital Seal® Service

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How to Use the Digital Seal® service

The Digital Seal® option allows the recipient of any Registered Email message to authenticate the sender, transmission time stamp, and the attachments/context of the message. If you are the sender, the Digital Seal® option needs to be selected before sending (see steps for “Sender”). If you are the recipient, you need to forward the received email and its attachments to (see steps for “Recipient”).


1. After composing a new email, and selecting the Send Registered button, select “More” in the bottom right corner of the options menu. If this has been already selected, you will see the text “less”.


2. Check the “Sender Signature & Authentication” option. If desired, a signature can be added in the box as well.



1. When receiving a Registered Email message that has the Digital Seal® option turned on by the sender, the message banner will look like the image below.


2. Forward this email and its attachments to You will receive back an authentication like the one pictured below.