Encrypt for Privacy

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Encrypt for Privacy
RMail for Gmail makes it easy to encrypt message content and any attachments for privacy.


Whether for privacy or for legal compliance, RMail for Gmail’s email encryption feature is easy to use for both senders and recipients. Follow these steps to send encrypted:

  1. In Gmail, compose your email message as you would a normal message. You may attach any documents you would like to include in the encrypted message.
  2. Click the Encrypt button in your Gmail compose window.

    1. The sending options window will open. You may choose to modify your password options, if applicable.

    By default, RMail will send by transmission encryption (also known as TLS) if the recipient server supports it. If TLS support is detected, the message will automatically be transmitted through a secure channel and your recipient will not need to use a password to decrypt your email and any attachments. You will stlil need to provide your password preferences in case TLS is not supported by the recipient mail server.

    1. Click Send Registered to send your encrypted email.

    Receiving an encrypted RMail message when transmission encryption (TLS) is supported and used

    1. When RMail detects that TLS is supported, the message will be transmitted securely to the recipient mail server and delivered to the recipient’s mailbox. The message and any attachments are ready to be viewed without the need to enter a password. The “Transmitted Encrypted” banner lets your recipient know the message was sent through an encrypted transmission for their privacy.



    Receiving an encrypted RMail message when message level encryption is used

    1. With the default password option, the recipient will receive a separate email containing the decryption password.

      1. The recipient will receive an email containing an encrypted PDF attachment. To access the message and any attachments, the recipient must enter the decryption password when prompted to by the PDF reader application.

        1. Once the recipient has entered the password, the document will open. The message body is shown in main window, and any attachments can be retrieved in the left column.

    Changing default settings to use message level encryption instead of transmission encryption (auto-TLS)

    1. Click the RMail for Gmail settings button on your compose window.

    1. Under the Encrypt tab, UNCHECK the option to Send encrypted emails via Preferred TLS mode. Click Save.