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Track & Prove – Marked

Send important emails marked with banner and know precisely when they’re delivered and opened, without causing disputes over “who said what when.”

UnmarkedTrack & Prove – UnmarkedSend important emails without any marking or banner and not letting the recipients know of the email being tracked.
TLSPreferred Connect EncryptionTransmit the email securely to the recipient mail server and delivered to the recipient’s mailbox without requiring the recipient to enter a password to view the message and any attachment.
Message Level EncryptionMessage Level EncryptionEasily encrypt sensitive emails and attachments for security or legal compliance. The password email for decryption is sent in a separate email.
ESignElectronic SignatureAccelerate legally-binding e-signoff on documents and agreements making it easy for all parties to e-sign and complete a transaction.
LargeMailLargeMailBreak free of file size limits when sending email attachments. LargeMail™ file transfer lets you send files up to 1GB using your email compose window.
SideNoteSideNoteAppend a yellow private note at the top of your email message that is only visible to Cc’d or Bcc’d recipients.
Convert to PDFConvert to PDFConvert any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file attachments to PDF format, giving your recipients easy access to document attachments whether they have Microsoft Office applications or not.
Clean MetaDataClean MetadataDocument metadata can pose a serious privacy risk if not removed prior to sending documents via email. RMail allows you to remove or scrub metadata from any document attachments.
Zip CompressZip Compress AttachmentsCompress attachments en-route to reduce the file size of the attachment(s) the recipient receives in their inbox.
Register ReplyRegister ReplyReceive proof of content and time for any replies to your message
Client CodeClient CodeInput a custom reference number
Digital SealDigital SealRecipient can authenticate the sender, transmission time stamp, and the attachments/context of the message.
RPost InkDigital Seal with RPost InkRecipient can authenticate the sender, transmission time, and also the PDF attachments using the time stamp.