Get Documents Signed Electronically

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Get Documents Signed Electronically

RMail for Outlook makes it easy to get documents signed electronically. Simply attach your document or form, choose the appropriate sending options, and send your message with RMail.

To get a document signed electronically with RMail, follow these steps:

1. In Outlook, compose your email message as you would a normal message.
2. Attach the document you want your recipient to sign electronically. Click the Send Registered button.
3. Click E-Sign option and Hand Sign in your dialog window.

4. If you need signatures from multiple parties, add all the recipients in the “To” field. Click Send to send your email with the attached.

From the signer’s point of view:

1. The signer will receive an email containing a PDF copy of the document and a link to e-sign. Click the highlighted link.

2. Upon clicking the highlighted link, a browser window will open, beginning the e-sign process with simple instructions. Click Continue.

3. Use the tabs on the left of the document to drag and drop either text or your signature to the appropriate places on the document. Use the arrow tabs to move between different pages of the document.

4. Near the top of the page, click Finish to move on to the last step in the signing process.

5. Fill in your name and title (optional), and create either a auto signature or a drawn signature by selecting the appropriate tab. Click I accept the terms of the attached document to complete the process.

6. A copy of the signed document will be sent to all parties, including timestamp and IP address information.
Note: If you need to sign a document yourself, simply send yourself the document using the same process described above.