Gmail App

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Default Setting

The Gmail add-in settings can be adjusted so that any type of RMail email (registered, encrypted, LargeMail, eContract) can be set as the default selection.

1. When composing a new email in Gmail, select the RMail settings button (see image).

2. Each tab has an option to have that service pre-selected as the default. Below you can see this for the encryption service. Select this box for the service you would like to be pre-selected on the feature pop-up.


Acknowledgment Email

Upon the initial installation, the RMail App is set up to allow for the sender to receive the Acknowledgment email. But, there is a setting that can be turned on to ensure that the user will receive the Acknowledgments.

1. When composing a new email in Gmail, select the RMail settings button (see image)

 2. Go to the “Track and Prove” tab, and make sure the first option is selected (see image)


Unmarked Email

When sending a Registered Email, selecting the Unmarked setting will cause this email to not show any indication that the sender is tracking the email’s delivery. Compose a new email, select the Send Registered Button, and select the “Unmarked Option.



TLS Setting

Many email carriers, such as Gmail, use TLS security protocols as a standard for receiving encrypted emails. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is essentially server-2-server encryption. This setting is enabled by default for the Gmail app. When TLS is enabled on our Control Panel for a customer’s account, messages are always sent secure to RPost, we then use our TLS detection service to determine if the recipient’s mail server has TLS enabled. If TLS is NOT detected, the messages are sent according to normal encryption settings (IE auto password email with senders password or system generated password). If TLS IS detected, the message is delivered securely all the way to the mail server. The message is decrypted at the mail server and is sent to the recipients mailbox unencrypted with no password requirement. The message is marked with the RPost banner and is clearly identified as being “transmitted encrypted”.

The TLS setting can be turned off in the Gmail app if desired:

1. Compose a new email, and select RMail settings.

2. Under the Encryption tab, select the second option in regards to using TLS.