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Preparing a Document for Sign and Send

The RMail iPad app allows the sender the capability to add fields to a document before sending it for signing by the recipient. Using the Sign and Send service, the sender can add anything from text to their own signature onto a document they will be sending for signature.

1. Select Sign and Send, and choose the location in which the document is saved. Select the document from the list, and select “Prepare”
IMG_0129                IMG_0132

2. Prepare the document by dragging the fields you would like to include on the document.


Set Personalized Decryption Password

As with all other RMail apps, the iPad app allows the sender to set a personalized decryption password that their recipients will all use to decrypt their encrypted email. 

1. Select Settings and Encrypt Email.
2. Select to “Use the decryption password for all secure emails”, and input the password into the box below.
3. Select Save in the top right of the page



 Add Time Stamp and Signature

The RMail iPad app allows the sender to create a personalized email signature to include at the bottom of any email sent via the app.

1. Under Settings, select the My Signature Tab.
2. Script and save the signature you would like to include with the time stamp.


3. When composing an email, select Add Signature to send a time stamp with your saved signature overlaid.
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