Large File Transfer

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 LargeMail Login

To be able to use LargeMail™ with the Outlook add-in, each individual email address must register for an RMail Webmail account. All plans include the LargeMail™ feature.

1. Go File<RPost Office Email Options<LargeMail and Select “Register”

2. Fill out the “Create an RMail Account” Fields, and select “Register”. You will then receive an activation email, just follow the activation link to complete the activation process.

3. In Outlook, File<RPost Office Email Options<LargeMail and use your email and newly created password to login. You will only need to login to LargeMail™ once, and can now use the LargeMail™ large file transfer service.


 LargeMail Automatic Activation

The LargeMail™ service can be used in two different ways. The image on the left depicts the method in which we can manually select to send an email using LargeMail™ when it is known the email has attachments that will be too large to send in a standard email. LargeMail™ can also be selected to automatically turn on when an email and its attachments are over a given size (image on the right). Servers typically accept standard emails that are less than 10 MB in size, but the size of emails they allow can vary.
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 Draft Send Error

If when trying to send an encrypted message, or when using LargeMail to transfer large files, you receive the error pictured here, follow the steps below to resolve.

1. Close Microsoft Outlook and any other Microsoft programs
2. Locate the RPost Office Program in the Control Panel.

3. Select RPost, and select “Repair”
4. Please close out Outlook and uninstall your current version of RPost from Windows Control Panel and download the following upgrade installation package and run. 

Using the link below, choose the app suited for your email provider and reinstall the service 


Message Too Large

The LargeMail™ service can be used manually to send large files, or set up to automatically detect when an email and its attachments are over a certain size. But, this option will also trigger the above error message if the email is over the designated size, even if the automatic setting is not turned on. If the sender is sending emails that are consistently 10-20 MB in size, this setting should be either turned on, or the size needs to be increased to around 20 MB.  This setting can be found under Options < LargeMail (see image below).
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