Learn More About the Registered Receipt™ Email

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Learn More About the Registered Receipt™ Email

Whenever you send ANY email message with RMail, you automatically receive a Registered Receipt™ email within two hours, providing delivery status, time of delivery, and more. This record can help prevent or resolve legal disputes over whether a message was successfully delivered. The Registered Receipt record has been successfully used in state and federal courts in the US, as well as in other countries.

Note: The Registered Receipt™ email is not to be confused with the acknowledgment email, which is a confirmation message you receive immediately after the RMail system begins to process your message.

Locating your Registered Receipt™ Emails

When RMail for Gmail is installed, you will see two new message folders in Gmail: RPost Contracts and RPost Receipts. Your Registered Receipt™ emails are automatically stored in the RPost Receipts folder.



Understanding the Registered Receipt™ Emails

Here is a summary of the information and options available via your Registered Receipt record. Refer to the diagram below for a simple visual guide.

1. Delivery Status – Know whether your message was delivered successfully to the recipient mail server, recipient mailbox, or whether your message was opened.
2. Time of Delivery – We provide timestamps for message delivery and any detected opens.
3. 3rd Party Authentication – By forwarding the Registered Receipt email along with its attachments to, you will receive 3rd party verification of the receipt and the original message content.
4. Delivery Audit Trail – The SMTP dialog is included in your Registered Receipt email as auditable proof of your correspondence. This can be analyzed by an expert in the event you have a legal dispute about any delivery characteristics of your message.