RMail Inbox

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 Importing Contacts From Outlook

RMail Inbox has allows users to import contacts from any other email address they are currently using, via a CSV file or a VCard. To import Outlook contacts to RMail Inbox, the steps are as follows:

1. In Outlook, under File > Options > Advanced, select to Export.

2. Export to a file, and choose “Comma Separated Values” (CSV)
3. Save the file
4. In RMail Inbox, under the Address Book tab, select the Contacts options and select to import.

5. Upload the CSV file saved from Outlook and the contact information will automatically be uploaded to the address book.


Add Email Signature

As with any email provider, RMail Inbox allows the sender to create a personalized email signature to be sent with all emails they send, both Registered and standard.

Under the settings tab, select Settings > Mail > Add new signature. As you can see, you may create as many signatures as desired.
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 When composing a new email, you can select the email signature you want to add to the email.


 Vacation Notice

When on vacation, or when you are unable to respond to your emails in a timely fashion, an automatic email notice can be sent to those who email you to alert them of your status.

Under the Settings tab, select Vacation Notice. In this window, structure the automatic email that will be sent to those who email you during this period. You can also set the time window in which you would like this automatic message to be sent.



Viewing RMail Inbox and Emails on Mobile Device or Tablet

Depending on the device or mail program the steps may be slightly different.

1. Go to the Account section and click “Add Email Account”
2. Select either IMAP or POP/SMTP and use the proper email server name configurations:

  • IMAP: Server: Port: 143, 993
  • POP: Server: Port: 110, 995
  • SMTP: Server: Port: 25, 587
  • User Name is your email address
  • Password is your login password


 Storage Limit for the Drive Feature

The “Drive” feature allows you to store and share documents up to 2GB in cumulative size. Simply press “Drive” on the top bar and click “New” to being uploading and storing documents. There is a notice when you get close to filling the 2GB.