RMail Webmail

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 Forgot Password

When attempting to use the “Forgot Password?” link for RMail Webmail, first please check that the password e-mail did not get filtered into a spam folder, or a current rule in Outlook did not move the email to a different folder. 

1. Go to and click on the “Forgot Password?” link.

 2. Type in your email address and select submit. If you type in the incorrect email address, or you have not previously created a RMail Webmail account, then you will not receive a password.

3. You will then receive an email from Support titles “Forgot/Reset RMail Password”. Follow the password reset link inside this email.


4. Type in the password you would like and login to complete the process.


Create RMail Webmail Account

All RPost users have the option to send Registered Emails from any of our apps, or they can use RMail Webmail. RMail Webmail provides RPost customer’s flexibility in that they can send Registered Emails from any device or computer that can connect to the internet. The steps below will walk you through setting up an RMail Webmail account.

1. Click here, and fill out the fields in the “Create your RMail account” section

2. Go to your email’s inbox and locate the email titled “RMail Activation Email”. Follow the activation link inside of this email.
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3. Login to complete the activation process