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Sequential Signing

The RSign software has the capability to have recipients of eContracts electronically sign a document in a specified order. The completed contract will have all recipient’s signatures on one accessible document. When creating an envelope to send, ensure that the “Sign in Sequence” option is selected.


Please Wait Error

When sending an eContract, and the “Please Wait” icon continuously spins, than the sending window has been left dormant for too long. Log out of RSign, and log back in to complete the sending process.


Creating a Template

Templates can be a powerful tool for RSign users. For documents that will be repeatedly sent for signature, a template can be created so that the same document does not need to be reconfigured upon sending, and can be selected from a list of multiple different templates

1. Select the “Templates” tab, and add desired roles of recipients. Of course if the role of the signers will change, you can always add a more generic role like “Signer 1”. Then, add the document you wish to use to create the template.

2. A number of options can be used to design the template to fit your needs; signatures, date, drop down lists, radio buttons, etc.. Just click and drag the option you want onto the page in the preferred location. 
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3. The saved template can than be chosen when composing a new eContract.