Track Email Opens & Prove Email Delivery

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Track Email Opens & Prove Email Delivery

RMail for Outlook makes it easy to track email opens and prove email delivery, delivery time, and exact message content.

Tracking an email tells you if and when an email open is detected on an email message you’ve sent. This is useful when you need to follow up with your message recipient soon after he or she has read your message, for example.

Proof of email delivery eliminates any doubt about successful delivery, improving responsiveness and discouraging disputes over who said what when.

RMail is pre-configured to “track and prove” every message you send with the “Send Registered” button, so the process is very simple. To track & prove with RMail, follow these steps:

  1. In Outlook, compose your email message as you would a normal message.
  2. Click the Send Registered button in your Outlook compose window.

    1. Select any of the “Track & Prove” sending options you wish to use.

    By default, RMail will send “Marked” — this displays official “Registered Email” banner markings around your email so your recipient understands your message is important. You may send unmarked if you wish to track your email without your recipient’s knowledge.

    4. Click Send to send your email with the selected options

    Within two hours, you will receive a Registered Receipt email record, telling you if and when your email was delivered and/or opened, with verifiable proof of delivery. (Learn more about the Registered Receipt email.)If any email opens happen subsequent to receiving the Registered Receipt email, you will receive a corresponding open notification by email.