Tracking and Receipt Email

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 Registered Receipt Missing

An Outlook or Windows update can break some of the RPost files that are associated with Outlook. If a repair is run on the “RPostOffice” program in the control panel, these paths can be fixed.If the Registered Receipt email has never been received, ensure that the following domains are Whitelisted;,,,

Fix 1:
Run a repair on the RPostOffice program in the control panel.

a. Windows XP: Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > highlight RPost > select repair option
b. Windows Vista/7/8: Click Start > Control Panel > Programs > highlight RPost > select repair option

 Fix 2:
Create an Outlook rule that puts all RPost Registered Receipts in the Receipts folder.

 Fix 3:
1. Uninstall the current version

2. Install New Version
                a. Close All Programs
                  b. Log on to the RPost Apps Marketplace
                  c. Choose the correct Outlook software version
                  d. Follow the steps to install the RPost Outlook add-in


(R)eceipts Folder

RPost uses the Outlook default account as the sender, and Receipts folder will be created automatically for the Outlook default account. Ensure that when using RPost in Outlook with multiple profiles to monitor the default accounts inbox for Proof Archive™ acknowledgments, Registered Receipt™ emails, and Register Reply™ emails.



Archiving Receipts

RPost does NOT store any content or attachments of an email it is important that the Registered Receipt™ emails are stored or archived.

1. RPost auto creates a (R)eceipts subfolder in the inbox, which is your local Registered Receipts Repository. A Registered Receipt™ for each RPost email sent will arrive in this folder within 2 hours of sending an RPost email. This folder can be archived and backed up periodically.

2. Click File > RPostOffice Email Options and select Receipt Management and in the field on the bottom of the right panel an email address can be entered to send a copy to your company central archiving system or stored online with an web based email service provider.


What Does UTC Stand For?

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) – the new standard world time, is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) less daylight savings. UTC uses a 24-hour system of time notation. To convert from UTC to your local time you need to add or subtract hours, based on daylight savings. For example, Eastern Standard Time subtract 5 hours from UTC, Pacific Standard Time subtract 8 hours from UTC (with daylight savings).