Why would I use the RMail Inbox service vs. another email service with an RMail App plug-in?

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The RMail webmail service, called RMail Inbox, allows users to create their own unique email address,  Those users that send and receive emails with mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook with the RMail App may decide that RMail Inbox is not for them.  However, the RMail Inbox has many advantages over other webmail services including:

  • RMail does not read, analyze, store, share or sell email message and attachment content period.  Other webmail services use this information for e-commerce profiling, price discrimination and profiling purposes.  RMail Inbox does not analyze and sell your information.
  • There are no annoying banner adds or marketing pop-ups.
  • The RMail Inbox full-feature webmail platform contains all the same features as other email platforms like address book, contacts and features not seen in many other webmail services.  It contains a digital online portal to view your tasks, appointments, Twitter feeds and more, all on one page; a 2GB online hard drive, document creating software similar to Microsoft Office and all the RMail features and functionality built into one simple and clean user interface.
  • RMail Inbox even allows you to view your other email accounts in the same user interface for convenience