Top RE/MAX Real Estate Global Broker uses RPost for Client’s Protection

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RE/MAX realtor reports on the benefits of RPost’s Registered Email services for providing 24/7 capabilities of submitting time-sensitive offers and counter offers with proof of submission under deadline.

Christine Sams, a leading RE/MAX Seattle Global Broker uses RPost to protect her clients’ interests when sending notices that have time critical deadlines. “Registered Email messages give me the legal delivery proof and time stamped records I need to protect my clients. With RPost, there is never any question as to whether my offers, rescission notices and other messages have been irrefutably received, opened, and when,” reports Ms. Sams. RE/MAX is a global real estate network of franchisee-owned and -operated offices and their more than 90,000 affiliated independent sales professionals.

Customer Testimonial: Christine Sams from RMail on Vimeo.